Where can I place these stickers?

They're perfect for gifts, postcards, lunchboxes, scrapbooks, or any other keepsake items. Just ensure the surface is clean and dry before application.

Can the sticker be reused?

Each QR sticker is designed for a one-time use. However, the QR code itself can be scanned multiple times throughout its active duration.

Is my content private and secure?

Absolutely! Your privacy is paramount to us. The content you upload is stored securely, and only those with the QR code can access the linked content.

'Gift N Stick' uses a very robust and safe encryption process to ensure that the data you upload to our servers will only be seen by the people you have intended to. All of our data is being transmitted via a very secure HTTPS protocol to ensure the content is streamed directly from our servers to your device.

Each piece of content is securely linked to the unique QR code that you are using and can not be accessed by anyone else.

All of the measures mentioned above provide a strong protection of your data against unauthorised access to ensure your messages, images and video's stay safe and private.

Do I need a special app?

No. Most modern smartphones have built-in QR code scanning capabilities in their camera apps.

How does it work?


  • Scan the sticker.
  • Add your desired photo, video, and a message.
  • Stick it onto your chosen item, be it a gift, postcard, lunchbox, and more.

What is Gift N' Stick?

Gift N' Stick allows users to embed videos, photos, and personal notes, making gifts and keepsakes even more special. Every scan reveals a unique message or memory.